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July 29th, 2009

Maybe They Just Have Really High Expectations…

On my way to work this morning, I ended up behind a person with one of those “Don’t Let the Car Fool You, My Treasure is in Heaven.” bumper stickers.

The automobile that featured this sticker was, I swear to you, an Audi A4. It was maybe four or five years old, that’s all the slack I can cut the driver. It was clearly in perfectly good condition.

There’s nothing else I can say about this scenario. Let’s just let that sink in.

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July 26th, 2009

Adolescent Osprey


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July 16th, 2009


Lulu was a quiet chicken. Easy going. No trouble to round up and put back in the coop. Most of the time: downright immobile.

I wish I could tell you that I had gotten to know her better. And I wish I could tell you that, since everyone had told us one of our chickens would probably die, I wasn’t certain that it was going to be her. But I can’t tell you that. I mean, if you had to pick one of our three chickens that was the goner, you totally would have chosen her. I also can’t tell you that she will be sorely missed, because she hadn’t even started to lay eggs yet and it’s been surprisingly easy for me to adopt the “farmer’s mentality” when it comes to our poultry.

Lulu died in her coop early Tuesday morning. She was afflicted with some sort of disease. This much we know, because she developed bubble-ridden eyes and gross-discharge-producing nostrils toward the end. Google informed us that these are symptoms of several different respiratory infections and, via asking around about it, we found out, too late, that many feed stores sell antibiotics that can combat such ailments. We just had to go through this once with one of the birds to learn the lesson. For that reason we will always remember Lulu.

Lulu was interred in the southeast corner of our yard this evening. A trashcan full of sticks is temporarily sitting over her resting place so our crazy dog will not dig her up.


Lulu the Chicken
“That thing looks straight-up like a dinosaur.” — My coworker Mark
2009–Later in 2009

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