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April 5th, 2006

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

I just noticed that today is 4-5-6. What a cool date. Possibly even cooler than “5-5-5”…. It seems like only yesterday I was pointing out the coolness of that date, but it was almost a year ago!

Where does the time go? It’s April of 2006. And what does that mean? Six months ’til the wedding.

We’ve been overwhelmed with positive responses to the Save the Date calendars (and the photos of us forcing our friends and family to help us letterpress them). I’d like to take this time to say thanks, everyone, for your kind words. Hopefully we can come up with something just as good for the actual invitations.

Some other recent wedding developments that we’re very excited about:

1. We’ve decided to have our reception at the Parish Hall at St. Michael’s. We realize this will eliminate the age-old tradition of getting totally lost while trying to figure out where the post-wedding festivities are being held. We’re hoping you’ll forgive us for that.

2. The dinner at the reception will be a “Pig-Pickin’” with (non-North Carolinians, you may not understand this, but I cannot stress the importance of this next word enough) EASTERN-style NC barbecue…. None of that western slop…. Also, there will be chicken, hushpuppies, tea, something for the vegetarians, and all the other required stuff. There’s even talk of banana pudding.

3. Mum (Steph’s) is on the hunt for fabric for the wedding dress, which she will be making, and therefore will be amazing.

4. At some point during the reception, you will be entertained by the dancin’, singin’, and fiddlin’ of old-time string band ShaeLaurel (who have to be there anyway, because they’re family).

5. Some very talented people (friends Matt, Andrea, and Jerry from here in Raleigh and Witchger cousins Felipe, Martin, and Luke) have graciously signed on to provide music during the ceremony.

Six months to go and we’re starting to get this thing planned!

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