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August 26th, 2004

Blogust 2004

My portfolio is now up.

My plan for the future is to, yes, start “blogging” in this space, so check in often!

Also: Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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August 16th, 2004

Getting Ahead of Myself

I couldn’t resist putting the “new” site up tonight. Basically I’ve just tweaked the design and edited the content.

It’s not completely done, but I had to squeeze all the Flash help I could out of Kevin before he left to go back to school, so it’s mostly done. Kev’s on his way back to Asheville now…he and his action-script-filled brain….

Anyway I hope you like this incarnation of the site. Just don’t go to the portfolio section right now. There’s nothing there yet.

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August 15th, 2004 (Version 1)


January 2004–August 2004

Visit this site

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